Australian Cyber Week 2021

Special Offer (extended)

Four (4) developer licenses of the OpenIntelligence Natural Language Splunk API, free of charge*

We are extending our initial conference offer with four (4) licenses (valid until the 19th of December) of our Natural Language for Splunk Production Rest API (shared cloud version) free of charge.
The OpenIntelligence Rest API licenses combined with our free Natural Language Splunk App will allow you to generate optimized Splunk queries from natural language statements including most correlations and statistical analysis required in cyber-security. The Splunk App itself is open source and could be downloaded at
For more details about our natural language interface products, please visit
* Please note that:

  1. Applications should be emailed to,

  2. Only applications using a company email will be accepted,

  3. Only one license per company, and

  4. Each license should not be installed in more than one Splunk environment at a time.